Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Globe’s customer service is now online with the new Chat Assist, WHY CAN'T GSAT HAVE IT TOO?

from Manila Times Thursday, 10 December 2009 Globe Telecom, a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, launches Chat Assist, an online customer service assistance that can be accessed using the Globe website ( Globe customers can get real-time customer service assistance including inquiries, requests and concerns about Globe’s products and services through the new Chat Assist.
My comment:  SMART, PLDT, SUN, BANYAN, DREAM, GLOBAL, DESTINY, etc are you listening?  Many online businesses have adopted this years ago and I am pleased that finally Globe is showing the way to better customer service rather than holding a phone to your ear for ages and pressing through numerous buttons to get someone to listen to your concern!  GREAT IDEA!!!!!

“Globe Chat Assist expands our ability to provide excellent customer service to our subscribers because we are now able to serve them through more ways than one. So no matter where they are our subscribers can now connect to Globe from anywhere in the world” said Trina Henson, Head of the Customer Engagement Group of Globe.

A Globe Chat Assist Specialist is always ready to serve customers who are online so feedback on inquiries is immediate and concerns are resolved at the soonest possible time.

The launch of the new Chat Assist is in line with Globe’s thrust to put its customer first always and to provide them with superior customer experience. Also, it demonstrates Globe’s commitment to its mission to transform and enrich lives through communications.

The new online customer service is made possible by Fluxion Inc., a provider of interactive technology solutions. 

The next time you are online and need assistance on any Globe service, simply log on to and click on the Globe Chat Assist link. Continue reading here


Dixie Jaque said...

whats happening to u GSAT!! im pissed of too many Updating u have..whats d point of updating too many times!!!

Nathan Rider said...

Goodbye direct tv. So glad I showed up Thursday night! Thanks you Tim for putting me on Ubox!Is Ubox a scam

Ann Dark said...
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Ann Ann said...

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Unknown said...

To whom it may concern,
My service is being interrupted with an E-14 error code. Payment was made four days ago. This is unacceptable. The G-SAT payment center was called by phone. We have a receipt of payment, acct.# SW7740537100916544, the agent "neglected" to apply the payment.

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